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Pandawa Beach: A Detailed Guide For A Perfect Holiday With Your Loved Ones!

Bali is a haven for beach lovers and no wonder that despite being a small place, it has gained enough popularity as an ideal beach destination. With its striking beaches located amidst the natural splendor, Bali is nothing short of a paradise in every view. But amongst a lot of beaches, there are a few that always wins hearts in the first place. One such beach is Pandawa Beach.

Pandawa Beach, Bali

Pandawa beach is locally known as ‘Pantai Pandawa’ based on the epic Mahabharata. It is hidden behind large limestone cliffs which give spectacular views of the Indian Ocean. Full of blue skies, white sands, and frothy surf, the beach is a one of a kind for this coastal area. On the cliffs, are carved arches full of large statues of characters of the five pandavas from Mahabharata? The path then branches off to two different sections- the eastern part is a little rocky but it is full of local stalls selling refreshments and snacks while the other part features a cleaner stretch of sand and provides opportunities for engaging in water sports adventures and grilled seafood. All these varieties and features make the beach exotic and unique.

beach side

There are two types of weather over there at the Pandawa Beach and it’s simply- dry or wet. You can expect warm, stuffy and humid days throughout the whole year. The time for the dry season is from the months of May to September. The average temperature during this time is of about 31 degrees which makes for a sunny vacation for sure. The wet season comes in October and lasts till April. It is filled with occasional downpours and with angry overcast skies. June and August are classified as the Windy months in here.

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sand, sun, and surf

The mid-year time is when you should visit since it is when you can get a good balance of sand, sun, and surf. You should visit during the weekends as well since it is less crowded then. Also, the best time to visit during the day is during sunset and if you want to see something truly magical then hike up some stairs towards the left portion of the beach and witness something exotic.

1. Enjoy At A Spa

Spa and water

Being in Bali and not enjoying and relaxing at a spa is just criminal. Most spas have a peaceful location with its lush grassy courtyards and other landscapes which are ready to enthrall you. The foot massages, aromatherapy and more such are amazing to experience. Get prices generally for a pampered experience.

2. Go Surfing

Surfing in water

Doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or pro, there’s a facility to get everyone on the waters safely. You can take private lessons to know what to do and they will start from scratch- even teaching you how to stand on the board. You will also get excellent instructions on how to improve, read the oncoming waves and how to always remain safe.

3. Enjoy The Local Cuisine

Local Cuisine

Being in Bali means taking advantage of all the native food than this place has to offer. Apart from all the surf and sand, the place offers excellent food which ranges from the famous suckling pig to various types of soups and dumpling whose exotic taste can’t be described unless you taste it yourself. So go ahead, book a table at an Indonesian restaurant and dig in.

1. Pandawa Beach Villas & Spa

Pandawa Beach Villas & Spa

This beachfront resort has villas with Free Wi-Fi facilities and also includes a personal butler to take care of your needs. The suites are air-conditioned and also have a seating area that features a flat-screen TV, personal safe and DVD/CD players. They also offer airport shuttle services but at a charge. You can avail their spa services as well where they offer a hot tub, massages, and a steam room. There’s more there too, as you can engage in horse riding, yoga classes and more.

Cost For Two: Varies according to the villa taken

2. Villa Karang Kembar Dua, Badung

Luxury Villa

This four bedroom Villa lies overlooking the pandawa Beach and it offers a bedroom in a bunk bed format which is great if there are kids and it is also closer to the master suite. You can enjoy picturesque views from their huge private 1,500 m2 landscaped lawn which offer clifftop scenic views. Among amenities offered there is wifi, free parking, AC and more.

Cost For Two: 17,495 per night

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3. Charming Villa With Panoramic Ocean View

Charming Villa with pool

This is paradise on the pandawa beach in Bali which is the land of the gods. You can balconies with beautiful and calming ocean views and those which are at a short distance from the cliffside. Each villa offers 4 bedrooms along with a living room, kitchen, dining room as well a private pool. This is also the only villa that offers an indoor fireplace. You can also get breakfast in here.

Cost For Two: 9, 234 per night

1. Bridges Bali

delicious food on table

The pandawa beach map shows a lot of amazing restaurant near it and one such place is this one. The restaurant is beautifully lighted on the outside and has dim lights on the inside so that you can enjoy a meal in calmness. This place has some great wine options and there is a separate lounge area as well if you want drinks. Getting reservations is a must here

2. Babi Guling Men Janji

hot grilled meat

As the name says, this place serves up excellent Babu Guling or Suckling Pork. The skin is crispy, the meat is tender and the environment is amazing. It gets crowded really fast so you might have to wait to get a table.

3. Ibu Oka


If you love pork then this is the place to head for as the place offers excellent suckling pork along with a bevy of other meals. But the pork is their specialty and we would definitely recommend having a coconut water to help you wash it all down at the end.

girls on small boat

Pandawa Beach at Bali is a hub for water sports. When walking towards the beach if you take the Western path when the road from the cliffs divulge then you will find yourself in water paradise island where water sports are all the rage. You will get to enjoy surfing, rafting, waterboarding and more such while here.

Beautiful Beach

Pandawa beach location is in the Kutuh Village, South Kuta District, Badung Regency; Pandawa Beach is about 3 km away from the Uluwatu Temple and Nusa Dua area and one can easily reach it by walking.
From the Ngurah Rai International Airport, this beach is about an hour’s distance from a motorbike. You will have to pay entrance fees at the ticket booth located between the staggering cliffs. The pandawa beach entrance fees are about 5,000 IDR or around 0.50 USD. There’s more, you will have to use a car to go uphill before reaching the beach. That will take about 45 mins.

beach and sea view

  • Carry your passport and visa at the airport. Make sure to know about any alcoholic limits.
  • Carry sunscreen, hats, sunscreen and other clothes and items to protect yourself from getting sunburned.
  • Don’t forget your beach clothes.

Pandawa Beach is amongst a very few beaches in Bali that has all that a tourist is looking to have a fantastic holiday. With picture-perfect beauty and modern amenities, there is no second thought on why one should visit Pandawa Beach. So, plan a trip to Bali right away and indulge in the beachy fun!

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